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St. John's Primary School, Swatragh, Maghera

Latest News - Year 4

15th Nov 2022
Thank you to Cathy for teaching the children about the 5 happy rules and how we should...

2021/2022 School Year

21st Jun 2022
Year 4 made some beautiful homes from shoe boxes that linked in with our World Around...
25th May 2022
Congratulations to Year 4 on their First Confession today. They were absolutely fantastic...
13th Apr 2022
Year 4 took part in the REACH programme and got to use acrylic paint to create a...
4th Apr 2022
Year 4 put in 2 weeks of hard work to complete their fantastic ladybirds using papier-mâché...
29th Mar 2022
Beautiful spring art work by Year 4 🌼 daffodils 🌼 Tá an tEarrach Linn!
29th Mar 2022
The boys and girls enjoying practical maths lessons out in the sun ☀️