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St. John's Primary School, Swatragh, Maghera
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Latest News

25th Sep 2023
We love reading to our buddies and learning to log on with them! 📚 💻 
19th Sep 2023
Great work finding the properties of 2D shapes and creating different pictures with...
14th Sep 2023
Children enjoyed winding down this afternoon with Sarah. 
8th Sep 2023
We have had a busy first week back in St. John’s.  Time was spent revising...
8th Sep 2023
Let me introduce you to the Year 7 class of 2023-24
8th Sep 2023
Year Three had a busy first week back to school. They worked really hard but equally...
7th Sep 2023
Sun is shining ☀️
7th Sep 2023
Thank you so much to Aidan and John Gunning in Electricityworx for their generous...